Between 23 and 27 February 2015 Nottingham Trent University played host to the International Arcintex research community.

78 delegates attended from 7 countries, representing senior academic management, research programmes and an international doctoral community in interactive textiles. Delegates contributed to three days of workshops in eTextiles and humanist design research methodologies, followed by a two-day symposium.

  • Four hands-on textiles workshops were delivered by cross-disciplinary teams.
  • Four sensory methodology workshops were delivered (ethical modes of research).
  • An ‘encounter group’ was delivered by one of the project (EPSRC Internet of Soft Things – ‘IoSofT’) advisory board members.
  • New techniques in smart textiles were developed with the Aestheticodes research team (University of Nottingham) and an NTU PhD student, which has potential for new doctoral design research.
  • Interaction Design training was delivered by researchers in collaboration with NTU’s School of Education and Jussi Mikkonen of Aalto University.

To follow up, a special journal issue is in preparation, calling on the facilitator teams to reflect on their multi/inter-disciplinary experiences in delivering these workshops. The plan is to follow this up with a new design research journal at this intersection of ‘smart’ textiles, interaction design and architecture.

The event was generously supported by the College of Art and Design (NTU), Kitronik, the DRS Design for Tangible, Embedded and Networked Technologies (tentSIG) special interest group, Nottinghamshire Mind Network, and the EPSRC project, An Internet of Soft Things.

See also: http://arcintex.hb.se/conferences-workshops/

and: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132128934@N06/


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